Cyclists in the middle of the road

Some recent changes to the Highway Code in the UK about cyclists adopting the ‘primary position’ have resulted in some hysteria in the press and on social media.

The primary position, for those that haven’t heard of it, is sometimes also referred to as ‘taking the lane’. It encourages cyclists to ride away from the gutter at the edge of the road which is often unsafe, and instead to cycle in the centre of the lane – to improve their visibility, and to deter unsafe overtaking.

However this is what the so-called ‘newspapers’ have been saying:

They seem to be getting confused between the centre of the lane and the centre of the road, so I thought I would help out with a visual guide…

This is the middle of the road – and no cyclists ever cycle there
This is the middle of the lane – and it’s the safest place for cyclists to be
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