Protected cycle lane in Terenure village

Since the new Lotts & Co supermarket opened on Rathfarnham Road a couple of months ago, there’s been a lot of dangerous parking outside by customers and delivery drivers. Well, thanks to Dublin City Council, as of this morning there’s new plastic bollards protecting the cycle lane. They start not far from the Terenure crossroad, […]

Protected cycle lanes are no good if they’re blocked

I took this photo a few weeks ago on a Sunday evening in Dublin city centre. These communal bins belong to a nearby apartment block, and someone has decided to block the majority of the cycle lane with them, forcing people on bikes out into the general traffic lane. Before the cycle lane protection bollards […]

What does good cycling infrastructure look like?

This is a typical cycle lane in Dublin city centre. It consists of a bit of paint at the side of the road. Technically it’s an offence for motor vehicles to drive or park in a cycle lane, but enforcement is very rare, and all too often motorists stray into these painted cycle lanes without […]