Missing my electric bike

Gazelle brand electric bike parked at a sheffield stand in Dublin city centre

I had a mechanical failure on my e-bike the other day. I was riding into the centre of Dublin to go to the theatre, and my gears failed.

I was able to keep going, but my hub gears were stuck in first gear, so I wasn’t able to go very fast, even when I was pedalling really hard. My wife – on her own e-bike – got to the theatre about 10 minutes ahead of me, and was worrying about what might of happened to me.

Upon later inspection I found out that the gear cable had snapped near to the hub, and there was some damage to the mechanism that connects the gear cable to the hub gears. And so I was going to be out of action for a few days while I sourced new parts.

Switching bikes

In the mean time, I switched to my ‘acoustic’ bike. That’s what us electric bike owners call our non-electric bikes. It’s a 7-year-old Workcycles Opafiets – and still runs like a dream.

Workcycles Opafiets bicycle, a Dutch style bicycle, on its kickstand at the side of a street

I used this bike on an almost daily basis for around 5 years until I got my e-bike, and it was nice to dust it off and use it again. Although I had forgotten how much work it is to get started from stopped entirely under my own steam – especially on a bike that weighs about 25kg!

Repairing my e-bike

The problem was with the hub gears cassette joint piece, which holds the outer sheath of the gear cable, and routes the inner cable correctly. It’s circled in green in the photo below:

Rear wheel of bicycle with internal hub gears, indicating parts of the gears that required a fix.
This is not my bike – it’s far too clean to be my bike!

I had to source and replace that part, which was easy enough, but I had to order it from Germany, as I couldn’t find somewhere in Ireland that holds these types of parts.

The tricky bit, once the hub gears were fixed, was getting the gear cable bolt back into its slot – circled in red – which is actually a lot harder than it looks!

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